[Poetry] God for us all

Mar 05, 2016 by Amuss - 0 Comments

God for us all!

Abdul Jabar
Strength!, to all of you
to carry out your purposes.
respect to all of you,
that made someone realize theirs.
for those who sacrifice for any
the same as they would for self,
a place be kept in the hearts of them
for you when they ascend.
peace to those who war against self,
for the betterment of self.
clarity for those to see
the oppressor may be self.
that you may be your own hell… well
may the victor be one who deserves the breath.
love for those who breathe as we
may the feel the same as we
courageous in the journey towards unity.
wisdom through understanding
for those who go abroad
One Life, One Love and God for us all!

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