[Blog] Raising Children

Feb 20, 2016 by Amuss - 0 Comments

Raising Kids
the war for our kids is a big one. so, as parents we must arm ourselves with the proper ammunition to deal with them. ( the know how). very few of us were provided manuals when we were giving this mission to raise children, and those who have constantly find themselves revising it. We often times find that when we become parents, we not only become parents to our kids but also to those of other parents. parental instincts you may call it. what we do in this blog is share and/or trade information with other parents concerning the more feasible way to handle certain issues that may arise.

I often wonder what type of things should I expose my children to or what to keep them away from. Sometimes the most innocent of things ignored can cause such a negative impact on them and on the contrary keep them from experiencing certain harmful events may prove detrimental. How can we make certain that we are exposing our children to what they are supposed to be exposed to if we ourselves don’t know what they need.

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