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Feb 25, 2016 by Amuss - 0 Comments

Sect Music has started working on a platform that enables you,  the artist to feature on their productions directly off of the site from the comfort of your own lab. currently the site is set up for the artist to download the project they would like to feature on, then upload their vocals for the producers and engineers to work with, and in a very reasonable turn-around time you receive a finished copy of the project. The jump on it lab also enters the artist for a chance to be featured artist of the month on the labels site.  Although the idea is to make an interactive app that allows real time collaboration between producer and artist. with a little knowledge of DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstations)  

you will have the capability to record multi-track recordings to a central studio and from there, others can add their tracks, while an engineers mixes and master the session from his lab.

Although most of sect music’s work is done primarily in the central Florida region,  Jump on it offers artists from different areas to collaborate seamlessly as if in the studio together with others from opposite regions, and making the experience more controlled. Every one has home court advantage.  Making production time efficient and networking that much easier.

Once you’re on the website, and hear a track that you would like to feature on, just follow the instructions on the page and begin your sect music experience.  In doing so, you will benefit from sect music and entertainment’s  philosophy of standing behind their work. Meaning you benefit from Jump on it by getting advertised to their fan base, you receive airplay on the uncensored kollabahz krate radio station,  and also open yourself to other countless opportunities. Once the track is recorded, your pleased with it and you would like to go further with the project then further arrangements can be made to acquire the stems (track outs) for the session.



the jump on it terms and agreements are available


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