[Artist Development] your circle

Feb 28, 2016 by Amuss - 0 Comments

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Your Circle 
[ birds of a feather flock together ]

     It appears that nowadays, every artist pretty much have their circle. The people that were pretty much there with that artist, wanted the things that artist wanted, and pushed for that artist’s success as if it were they themselves were  that artist and reaping the rewards for it. Your circle should be filled with people that are heading in the same direction that you as an artist is or want to be heading in. You should get to really know the people in your circle and what it is they do. As cliche as it may seem, those things can turn around and bite you in the rear. Be in the company of other artists who are doing better than you and network. No way should you surround yourself with those who have nothing to do with your craft, and can rarely be of help.

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