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Working with Independent artists to help get them a step closer to where they want to be, in this independent industry, while keeping their best interest in mind, is one of the main purposes of the Artists Development portion of the site. In doing so it is imperative for us to share with artists, and all others in this industry, all of the research and combined years of experience that we have learned that facilitates that artists growth.

We are not an established, high power music label with resources to sign artists, and offer the bonuses, or any of the other perks that comes along with being bought. though we offer useful common sense information, tips and advice to do your own independent studio under your own rules, and assist you in the development of you own artists that will aid in your careers.

Artist Development

[Artist Development] your circle

Your Circle  [ birds of a feather flock together ]      It appears that nowadays, every artist pretty much have their circle. The people that were pretty much there with that artist, wanted the things that artist wanted, and pushed for that artist's success as if it were they themselves were  that artist and reaping the rewards for it. Your circle should be filled with people that are heading in the same direction that you as an artist is or want to be heading in. You should get to really know the people in your circle and what it is they do. As cliche as it may seem, those things can turn around and bite you in the rear. Be in the company of other artists who are doing better than you and network. No way should you surround yourself with those who have nothing to do with your craft, and can ...

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[Artist Development] Know what you stand for

Know what you stand for [If you don't stand for something, you'd fall for anything]      It's really very hard to get what you are looking for if you really don't have a clue, as to what you want. In doing so, It is a good idea to know what you stand for. These terms can really only be defined by you. If you go into an agreement carefully and you've done all the investigating you have to do then decide you wanted to sign, someone else shouldn't be able to make you feel bad about that decision later. We do not all have the same needs. More times than many, people that get into agreements they regret are those that compromised too much of what they stood for. 

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[Essentials] Management

Once you begin to look at yourself as business, and your craft as the inventory in this  business, then you will also realize that it one that has to be managed.  In many cases, the artists will be consumed in his/her work to the extent that there is minimal  time to focus effectively on the management aspect of the industry, so it almost  becomes practical to appoint or hire one to take care of these elements. The roles of management is not one that you should trust to just anyone.  In your research in choosing a manager, you will find that there are different types and different roles that these types may play.  there are managers who specialize in different aspects of the industry.  You may have or need a Business Manager (to run your day to day affairs), or a Road Manager ( if you are already touring), or even a Booking ...

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[Artist Development] Setting your value

Setting your value [ If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything ]           It is the most amazing feeling when you have been invited to perform at a venue.  Finally, you have a chance to showcase some of this hard work and the talent that you have been perfecting for months on months at a time maybe even years.  An artist that is performing at a venue should get paid ( in theory ) to do so such as a major label artist does.Maybe not as much but still. You should not have to pay to perform. The more you succumb to these demands of venues whose interests are only themselves, then your worth is pretty much being set. granted you are not a known artist (or as known on a wider scale than your in) you should not settle for paying to perform. The ...

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[Artist Development] Knowing your Image

[If it walks like a duck and talk like a duck…] Every artist should and must have his/her own image. Granted that all that we see around us can sometimes re-define that image. Your appearance or image is better accepted from the audience when the can feel your authenticity.  Your image should be treated like your reputation and guarded to whatever degree.  If that image or appearance is that of an educated artist,  that is what the audience will expect. Basically be who you are, wear what you wear, and act your natural self.

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[Artist Development] knowing Your Sound

knowing Your Sound      It is highly encouraged to embrace your  own sound. because at the end of the day, it is what differentiates your projects from that of others. be comfortable in perfecting your sound or the sound of your band in that in it all sounds good together. In one way or another we have been influenced by some musician in history and in some cases have adopted a style, a voice, or something from an artist if not more which that's great. fact remains your sound is yours and when you find it you know. how  creative can one call themselves re-doing sounds of others? This applies to your productions, your vocals, your concepts, and over-all project as a whole.

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[Essentials] Exclusive Rights

Having exclusive rights on a work of art is pretty much what gives it it's value and it's bargaining power. How many people are you aware of who would marry a man or a woman that anyone can get at any moment?, My answer would be few and far in between. It's similar to that.  Having exclusive rights ensures that your production is your production and your production only yours, unless you have given permission to someone or some entity to use it. How much more value does something have when only limited people can get it ?. In today's time some artists can not seem to get away from the idea of re-using the productions of others in creating their projects. It has gotten to the point where when you've heard one, you've heard them all. So, who or what  is to stop or deter someone of these artists from using ...

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We were once artists in the same position as some of you when we started, and God knows it took a lot just concentrating on writing material and keeping up with what makes it hot, that we neglected developing ourselves as artists. All of the mistakes we had made, the lessons we had to learn, time we could have saved by knowing, the shadiness to avoid in the industry, the jewels we were passed on and so forth, we are now sharing with you, so that maybe you can avoid some similar issues or better yet,  prosper from our accomplishments.

We also provide unique productions from an in house production team of different styles, for an exclusive sound that you can easily obtain directly from our producers themselves. (reducing risks of unknowingly sharing compositions with others.) We offer graphic design and artwork/cover referrals and assistance, create digital press-kits, Photography and more.