[Beatstore] SEHKAN – free instrumental download

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SEHKAN – free instrumental download

SEHKAN – free instrumental download

Well, by the looks of this one, and from the explanation on the fuhst download released last week, you should be able to put two and two together to figure out this is “sehkan” or (second) release of the sect beatstore free instrumental download of which there are much more of to come in the future.

SEHKAN – free instrumental download: The production

The production is none different than you’d expect from Dj Jahbarz. It is a Bass filled track, with nice levels of highs and mids. the snare game is there as you’d expect on a track of the sort. Then it also has that signature mysterious sound that’s become associated with the Dj Jahbarz track.

SEHKAN – free instrumental download: free version

As with the majority of the material here on sectmusic and entertainment this one is no different as it too, was created by our in house production team. Dj Jahbarz being the composer of this free download version.  Which is basically a stripped down track with beat tags yet very workable. The full track with effects, mixed and remastered will be available on the sect beatstore.

This free version of the track is as is. you can purchase the entire track remixed with track outs and exclusivity at the sect music beatstore

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