[Beatstore] TUHRD – free instrumental download

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TUHRD – free instrumental download.

TUHRD – free instrumental download

The next release off of the Numbahz Fixtape free instrumental download is entitled “tuhrd” as it is the third track finished for this project.  It is also one of the more club friendly track of the entire collection of tracks. Its eerie sounding melody and groovy drum track gives it a party vibe that can definitely pass any rappers test.

TUHRD – free instrumental download: The Production

The Production of “tuhrd” had to be totally different from the other tracks to this point in the project. Filled with 808 drums and bass, crazy hi hat programming and put together beautifully on a melodic sine wave that is guaranteed to get the body moving.

TUHRD – free version

This version of the track is a stripped down version and arranged in a pretty basic format.  Premium and exclusive versions of it will be available on the sect music beatstore.  In the meantime enjoy this version to do with it as you wish.

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