[Blog] a lot to the name

Feb 19, 2016 by Amuss - 0 Comments
A friend of a friend of mine brought to my attention a very troubling behavior that we have come to easily accept without second thoughts. This is something that for a long time would result in you being straightened out, and many times including a slap to the face because in reality, it is what you are doing when you call someone out of their name. An important fact to consider is that no matter how innocent or well-intended the name calling or nickname may be, it will and does affect that person. May it be in a positive or a negative outcome, the fact still remains. We know that everything has a definition, or every name has its meaning, and it informs us as to what the word means. Now when we hear a word, we associate the subject with the definition of it at near light speeds, all without us having to pay attention to it.

When you call your significant other “baby” long enough, they subconsciously process this word or name and made aware of its meaning in that powerful brain of theirs and eventually they will pick up traits of a baby/child, should they choose to be called so by responding and not correcting the matter. The same holds true with the word “bitch” and a long list of other ones. Not much is thought of a man who calls his dog by name and his woman a bitch.

I strongly believe that it is important that we learn who we truly are in order to avoid being defined by others. If we truly knew who we were as Individuals, then we would not allow someone else to call us anything else but that which we were given at birth, or chosen because of an awakening within or whatever other reason it may be. At birth we are without it. It is one the first gifts that we are giving by our parents who spent months trying to find the right one that suits our spirit man/woman. This tradition we can all agree on, has been passed on for millenniums, and for reason. Our names are something we should be proud of and feel an inclination to guard from bad misrepresentation, much like our reputations. I think the saying of “sticks and stones” really does damage, maybe not in the physical at first, but the mental definitely and as the mind thinks the body…

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