[Blog] don’t blame the music

Feb 20, 2016 by Amuss - 0 Comments

The new generation of music that we are hearing today, has somehow been attributed to the destructive conditions that we find themselves in today. Yes, the music.
Many believe that each component involved in putting together a great song are utilized specifically to provoke certain outcome from the listener. namely, aggressive behavior, disrespect of authority and women, criminal endeavors and basically all else that perpetuates the filling up of prisons and breaking up the urban families.
For example, the drums, snares, hi hats, and so forth are programmed or played to incite aggression. The melodies are now more hypnotic than…melodic.

The lyrics which are to convey some sort of a message or inspire in one way or another are now falling short of that and the chorus/hooks are repetitive and as if to drive the lack of message in to the mind.
If we know that every note on the scale triggers a respective emotion, as in let’s say jazz. these notes are so that it calls for a relaxed feeling and mellow moods. So, with that being known, take a listen to rap music today as it compares to that of the same genre a decade or more ago and notice how much different it is.

We must ask ourselves if there is any truth at all to these allegations. Well, let’s see. Ever wondered why all of a sudden rap artists with minimal to no skills at all have been landing all of the record deals? It’s as though the more negatively the artists speak, the better the chance of he or she signing with a major label, getting heavy radio rotation the whole nine.

Is it mainly because we as consumers of music have a tendency of getting lost in the music? The people responsible for distributing the music must be aware of it. Too much research is done on marketing for them not to know this.

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