[Blog] Can you build them up

Feb 19, 2016 by Amuss - 0 Comments

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It is easy to destroy a person, how they feel, and the things that they deem important. It is simple, anyone can do it. So, simple in fact, that it only takes the primitive behavior of losing self-control. The ease of balding up a fist and striking another, the ease of releasing a harsh word or two for the purpose of disharmony or discomfort on the account of another. How easy it is to present a problem to one without a solution. How seemingly easy it is for one to brandish a weapon upon another and without much hesitation, squeeze the trigger. where is the challenge in that? My respects to those who go the distance to motivate another, those who encourage others, those who supply others with a solution or at the least lead them into the right direction to gain these solutions. One must realize that the more people we can pull out of an undesired position, the closer we get to attaining that level of self actualization.

Once we realize that we are all apart of a greater system and each and every one of us is an important piece of that system, or machine, that work interdependently to keep it sustained, Then and only then can we start to re-build the parts that are no longer functional and continue to live harmonious.


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