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don’t let him beat it up

Young Ladies, in these days, there seems to be a growing trend in our communities when it comes to sexual intercourse and the way that it is implemented or performed by the young men in our society.  The sacred act of love making is one that should take its course, not rushed and definitely not be painful to you. Beat it up - 1

This blog is basically to inform you of what’s going on in this self- destructive method of love making, who it effects and how, and exactly what you can do in order to not perpetuate or un intentionally encourage the situation.

Now granted, there may be a few of you who prefer that every now and then. Some angry guy who would gladly come by for a few hours, to jump up and down in it like he’s in a pogo stick,  break down your inner walls and taking your energy down with it, while releasing his anger in to your defenseless soul. If that is the case, then you know, to each his own. Though continue to follow me and maybe you’d feel adversely later on in this piece.

What is “beat it up” ?

Beat it up is a term used by guys that describes an aggressive act of sex mostly used for side pieces (not the main lady), or just another physical conquest. That involves rough, emotionless sex.

A way of boys or young men who have not yet grasped the concept of love making to release aggression sexually towards so

Most likely to beat it up

There are a few ways to indicate who, more likely than not, will be the guys to come by and beat it up.  

The guy that straight out, tells you that he is going to beat it up, is more than likely to do so, or at least attempt to. Simple enough , but some won’t tell you thus leaving it to be a surprise.

The guy that is already involved in a serious relationship with another woman, is more than likely to be one to take is aggression against his mate out on you. Many men would not perform certain acts of love aggressively upon the woman he plans to be with or intends to be with forever, but rather find another willing woman who he can beat up.

The guy that pulls up in his car with the music playing as loud as audibly possible and has “trap music” blaring from the speakers is more than likely one of the guys that are gonna beat it up. There is a different mindset in guys that listen to this type of music than of those who listen to say, more R&B or soul music.

The guy that grew up with out a father figure in his life, would more than likely have not been shown or taught about the correct way to love a woman correctly. He would have learned his relationship skills from a group of guys who themselves, grew up with no male model in their lives.

Why you shouldn’t beat it up.

When a woman allows a man to enter her through her vagina, or her noniverse, her garden, or her sacred place where life begins,  she has also given him permission to tap in to her energy. In doing so the man is free to fill her with his positive energy filling her with positive vibes. Ideally she is to leave that encounter feeling energized, loved, and spiritually strengthened.

If ever she allows men to just beat it up, and not make love to the sensitive life center called the vagina, then she is just allowing the opposite to occur. She has now allowed him to have his way with her, which was to do nothing but release aggression, anger, lustful and negative energy and all that comes along with them in to her now compromising her soul. After a proper love making encounter she should not feel like a rape victim. She should have to contemplate whether or not she is ok with how she feels.

Repeated pounding on a regular basis has also been proven to cause physical damage to women and many requiring some kind of surgery. Some types of damages have been found in women that have been attributed to the physical stresses of beating it up.

What happens then?

“you shall reap what you sow”

There is a much greater chance of conceiving caring, happy and loving children with the potential to make worldly impacting changes,  if the act of love making itself was performed with those attributes present in both participants.  The act of love making should be stimulating to 3 parts of us. The mind, the body, and the soul. When these elements are fulfilled, shall conception be reached, then the potential of godly children, with the correct guidance, being brought forth is likely to be.

So, we are pretty much obligated to believe that of the opposite energy is applied to the act of love making then we are to expect a different level of demeanor, intelligence, and more in the product of such encounter. There is a large majority of young black males, who are into a very aggressive, near violent and lacking of love type of music, who are exemplifying these behaviors in every day living. If you are beating it up, with the intentions to beat it up, then believe that there will be negative results from the encounter. We feed into it what will return.

If we were to do a comparison between the couples of 25 years ago to that of the people of today, then it will be clear to see that the importance of maintaining the woman’s respect while trying to be the best to her than any man has ever been, and uplifting the woman you were with were on a enormously greater level.

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