[Blog] enslaving through credit-debt.

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Enslaving through credit-debt

It’s quite clear to see that in these times, credit is becoming something that one really has to have in order to pretty much maintain in a place where everything is priced higher than it’s worth and if you need it, then having a decent enough credit score or what have you determines whether or not you can have it now or much later.  Which considering we have the money to pay back on this credit that we have been “granted”,  plus the interest charges that they’ve added for their services is not really a bad thing.  Though the topic of this discussion is not supposed to be about credit, but about debt, but if you consider closely is really one in the same. The instant that the credit is granted to you, is the same exact moment in which it has to be repaid, creating a debt. Yes?…,    Yes!

debt credit enslavementI want to start this portion off by first defining exactly what debt is, when the first law or act concerning debt was passed, and how all this ties in to what we call the new slavery. I would like to discuss how thousands of businesses, If not more, flourish from this system of credit and debt, how we are driven like wild cattle into this new form of slavery we now refer to as credit and debt and a lot more.

Debt comes from the latin word debere which means “owe”.  Keep in mind that the item owed is not always of a physical or tangible nature and sometimes it may require a favor, services, or sometimes it is time that must be repaid.  A famous Italian philosopher once said that ” once you loan a man money, he becomes your slave. or once a man owes you money, he then becomes your slave” or something like that.  If we give that any thought at all, even minimal thought we would see that it holds a lot of weight.  Once you have put yourself in someones debt, the money you are working for now is in part for them. You now work for them. Enslaved.

A small example of this that I would like to use is one that most working people would be familiar with. Notice how people who are happy with their pay checks are always willing to go the extra mile to either continue receiving that pay or to even get more. You’ve probably noticed how even some may do things unbecoming of their character, because of indebtedness to their employer. Girlfriends/Boyfriends who receive large gifts from their significant other tend to be more submissive to his/her demands in the same sense. There is an overwhelming feeling of obligation to that person for what he/she has provided and we forget that we are actually earning or have earned what we received and still end up paying that, plus what we have initially received.

 Public Credit Act of 1869 (Debt)

It’s by no coincidence that around the same time that slavery was “abolished” that the first Law or Act concerning credit/debt was passed. In so, basically replacing how slavery was handled ( by the governments) and who now handles the slaves (the banks). In this way, people are literally signing-up to unknowingly be slaves for big and small banks, companies, and financial institutions who have thousands of others wanting to be enslaved. Even worse, we have gotten to the point where we are even enslaving ourselves to more than three, four and maybe even five different masters at a time.

The public credit act of 1869 pretty much insured that those who helped to fund the civil war, would be repaid in gold when the time came. Those who helped fund the war were obviously people who had that type of money on hand at that time and to this day in age are the same people, families, or companies that are now power houses in the the new type of slavery known as credit/debt.


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