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[Blog] for what it is or who they are…

By Amuss on Feb 19, 2016 in Strength in Number - 0 Comments

In my time I have encountered many different types of people from many different walks of life. One thing that I have learned in this journey, is that as humans we will act or re-act off of what we have gathered along our way. Whether it be from first hand experience or things that we were taught. I say that to say… If you have family, friends, associates or foes that fabricate stories, or are known liars…
It  would be quite outlandish for you to take, or think about what they say as Truth. The same holds true for those who are against a cause or endeavor that you believe in or are in favor of and you expect constructive advice or the loyalty in that cause from them. I am not saying that we have tosevere ties from these particular groups of people but we should know with what or whom we are dealing with so that we are not disappointed by a false impression of them or truth. Our chances of disappointment, conflict, and pain can be greatly reduced when we learn to accept people for who or what they are and not give the responsibility of a falcon to an ostrich. Lots of times you will hear that negative people should be kept out of your circle. I do not disagree with that but I will say, that balance is required in order for life to be what it is or should be rather. “what the hell does that mean?” you ask. OK, listen. Whenever I have a great idea, I most often run by an associate that I can trust to have a pessimistic view on things and I take their remarks, and apply it towards my idea as factors I never considered to rework the idea accordingly. In short, let a bird be a bird. expect it to fly south for the winter.

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