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What this guy did with the fungus eating fish

I recently had the opportunity to visit Cozumel Mexico on a wonderfully planned vacation with the family and never in these plans did I expect to experience what I had with these fungus eating fish. They all sat there in shock as this large pack of fish hungrily attacked my feet. It is an experience that I’d like to share.

fungus eating fish sectmusic.com

How about this for a tickling experience? fungus eating fish. I thought it was absurd until the vendor insisted on us trying it out… of course at a reduced rate. Now,  what I am supposed to do is stick my bare feet into this tank, and the hungry fish are going to eat all of the fungus off of my feet. In my mind I’m thinking poor fish because anyone that knows me, knows that these feet ain’t nothing to play with. seriously.    check out the video as well.

Now, I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer and I try to explore knew things but with the proper information to go with t, and in saying that I attempted to investigate this “Dogfish” on my smart phone to get a better understanding of what this species of fish is capable of before sticking my feet in there, but remembering I was out of the country, those roaming charges quickly changed the course of that thought.

I later find out that these Dogfish as we were told were actually sharks. Little bitty sharks and they were considered that in the times of antiquity because of the way the hunted in packs.  There are many different species of this fish, many look a lot more intimidating than others, they can be more aggressive and become 100 times bigger than these and I am thankful that the ones I encountered, I was able to walk away from.

what is the dogfish? fungus eating fish

“any of various usually small bottom-dwelling sharks (as of the families Squalidae, Carcharhinidae, and Scyliorhinidae) that often appear in schools near shore, prey chiefly on fish and invertebrates, and are a valuable food source” as defined by merriam-webster

The guy was so set on making this experience happen that he even agreed to go even lower on the rate so, …I agreed.  Needless to say if you’re a ticklish person then you’ll want to brace yourself as your feet go into this fungus eating fish infested tank because as soon as your feet enters the water, here they come, feasting away at the micro sized fungus living on our feet.  My first reaction was to kick em all off of me but the tank was too small for that and all of the kids were fixated on the the fact that he is really doing that. Who was I to wimp out?

fungus eating fish sectmusic.com fungus eating fish sectmusic.comfungus eating fish sectmusic.com fungus eating fish sectmusic.com

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