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Feb 17, 2016 by Amuss - 0 Comments

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Today, competition is fierce, and competitors are many. If you are not prepared with the right tools you are most likely to behind.  No matter what industry you find yourself in, you can rest assure that this holds true. In order to compete, at least with a winning chance, or on a competitive level, We have to equip ourselves with certain things necessary in our respected fields that can put us, on level ground or preferably with an advantage over the opponent, or said opponent.  Most times out of none, If you are not where you would like to be in your career or profession, competing on a desirable level or maybe your hit/miss ratio is against your favor, It can be safely concluded that you are not investing enough of these things in what it is you do. At least one of the number of things that you should invest is lacking or not being performed efficiently.  Let us talk about three of those things.

The 3 things I will be discussing here are going to be the lmore common of the others on the list. Because in all reality, once these are being performed on a regular basis, you will already be doing the others. They will come as the bi products.

  1. Investing Quality Time. It should have been pretty obvious that time would have been somewhere in this list, and for good reason as well. It is probably independently one of the higher on the list. We are not talking about hours upon countless hours of aimlessly spending time in your work space twiddling your thumbs and think that because you were in there all night, that you’ve “put time in” or consider it an investment of any kind.  The amount of time invested into a project is not nearly as important as the quality of time invested. Needless to say, once you’ve gotten into the habit of putting quality time in your projects, then the more time spent on it can only multiply the quality of production that much more.
  2. A little Money.  Yes, I am so sad to say it, but you have to know this.  If you’re not doing this already,  you’re going to have to spend a some money.  Some times you’ll have to spend a little, and some times you’ll have to spend a lot. Although, just spending money is going to work for you if you’re spending it frivolously on things that aren’t instrumental to your craft. Simply meaning, if you are a disc jockey then maybe a better investment for you would be in getting turntables, mixer, amplifiers, etc… as opposed to dog racing tickets or whatever.  Just as a painter invests their money into purchasing supplies, materials and so forth to facilitate their ideas or thoughts, and bring it the visual to us, is the same way that you must invest in yours to manifest yours.  There are few people, without ulterior motives, to invest in someone who isn’t prepared to invest in themselves. When you invest in yourself, you are telling people that you or your brand is worth what you are putting into it and perhaps more.
  3. Some intense application of Action.  Understanding that the hard work doesn’t end at the completion of a project. It is only the end of a stage. The next step is putting it into action, because in order to bare the fruits of your labor you gotta plant that seed.  As independent artists, we can not in any way believe that we can create the next big thing, have it sitting in your production library and without anyone hearing it expect it to take off. There are steps that need o be taken to ensure that your art hits the right channels to get to the right hands. If you have the luxury of a street team that support you or a budget that allows it, then maybe you can delegate a few off these task to others. Needless to say it must be done in order to really see any results at all. especially in a world where competition is multiplying rapidly.


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