[Blog] Keep your hands off of her

Feb 03, 2017 by Amuss - 1 Comment


Keep your hands off of her.

Well, I guess that you have probably been misled by the absence of the many male figures whom she belongs to that are not around her at the present moment,  That you could talk to her in the most disrespectful of ways. While degrading her with your insults, being belligerent, screaming and yelling those hurtful things to make her break down and cry. Tearing down her self-esteem with your every word on a daily basis and even worse, allowing others to do the same to her.

Hands off

Perhaps, you were under the impression that she was or is not being watched over or protected by these above mentioned male figures who are currently not in her presence and it made you feel like you could get away with pushing her, punching her, and even going so far as kicking her, because of whatever insecurities that you possess or the so guilty conscience you can’t seem to deal with, without there being any type of repercussions. As if there would be no danger of retaliation or revenge. Like you are impervious to universal laws of attraction, cause and effect, or the one who doesn’t forget, karma.

Maybe you don’t think that it is possible for you end up in a situation similar to the one that you put her in on a constant basis. You don’t think that it could be you as the defenseless victim being attacked for no reason whatsoever, other than being in the company of a gutless coward whose only satisfaction comes with assaulting someone weaker than them.

Should the tables be turned, the shoes on the other foot, or the lethal strikes to your face, certain we are that you not not fight then. Not even to protect yourself. Because you would know that it was karma clocking in to do her work on you.

Keep your hands off of her.


Learning when to let go


OnePhat February 13th, 2017

My comment is well read well said. We need to up lift our women so our women can continue to be a strong force for our men. To become the unified family.

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