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How often is it that we find Love?, and when do, do we have the capacity to recognize it? Are we a part of the large percentage that mistakes lust for love? Either way it is an emotion that we will one day feel whether for a cause, a place or God willing, a person.
This post is basically for us to help recognize the signs of Love and also the effects that it may have on us. of course it will effect us all in a different way but effect us it will. Sharing what I over stand to be Love is my way of getting others who have not felt it, to get an idea of what this beautiful feeling is like.

I’m sure we can sit around and think of all the hippest cliches about love, how love is blind, don’t look for love it will find you and so forth…though are they telling us what love is?! No!
The best definition to date, because of it’s simplicity that I have heard to define this complex emotion is:¬†“Love, is an uncontrollable¬†act of kindness that becomes a habit”

self love
In order for us to even begin this life long state of being, you must first have developed the most important love of all, the love of self. Being aware and accepting who we are as individuals, is when we begin to not only recognize our potential, but harness energies that we can only collect when we love ourselves. When I say self love , I am not referring to narcissism,

which is more like self lust for lack of better term, but more like taking care of mind, body, and spirit in such a way that you also want the same for others, whether or not you know them. The more we understand and love self, the better our chances of understanding and loving the world and people we share it with.

unconditional love
When we learn to love ourselves as unique individuals, who are put here to be interdependent of one another, and to work with one another, then we can learn to love others without stipulations or conditions. when dealing with unconditional love, there is no ” I love you if you…” there is only Love. Regardless of whether the are naughty or nice, rich or poor, healthy or ill, smart or not so, unconditional love allows us to deal with and love others with the same intensity every time.

material love
The term I wanted to use for this section is actually “worldly love” or love of worldly, or physical thing’s. I chose to use material love so we can get a better explanation of what it is. Many of people will find themselves saturated with this type of love and be totally unaware of it. granted we all need food, clothing, shelter and transportation etc… The material lover will find themselves with abundance of these things. Top of the line of… Most expensive, and so forth. They will choose an inanimate object to acquire than an animate mouth to feed. The love of material or worldly things keep us from being appreciative of the world itself, meaning it’s inhabitants. You’ll find that a passionate quest for material things, beyond necessity, leaves us preoccupied with that and thus taking us away from our primary purpose… Serving our creator through love of his world.

puppy love
Adolescent teens and young adults, will one day encounter an unexplained feeling in their lives that they’ve never felt before for someone. This feeling is often times defined as a crush, or simple infatuation and described as a resemblance to the adoring worshipful affection.

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