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Apr 10, 2016 by Amuss - 0 Comments

Kollabahz Interviews

We believe in promoting the works of artists, especially when the goals or intentions of the artist is in the well being of communities or humanity for that matter. In order for us to do so accurately, we are on the social sites, researching, paying close attention to unsigned talent, community figures, reaching out to them, and trying to get a better understanding of their views, what drives them to do what they do?, what do they wish to give the world that they grace? or what they’re looking for in return?. These are all questions that we very seldom get answers to unless we speak to or interview the artist themselves. I use the word “artist”, which includes: producers, dancers, models, etc… Kollabahz Interviews Will attempt to connect with artists and get their opinions on current affairs, family values, the importance of their message, and show readers a more human side of our artists. kollabah members can request interviews through emails Details to come.

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