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Mar 06, 2016 by Amuss - 0 Comments

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On a daily basis, whether for work or for leisure,  I come across photos of the hottest young women in our world. Either they are pushed through social media, advertisements,  or shared in personal groups  and by all means I welcome them all.  No matter Dark women, light-skinned women, full figured, petite,  various nationalities so on and so forth. Most of who probably have jobs, children and a life other than what we are seeing portrayed on these photographs. However the differences between the character, physique, or personality types one thing remains not only consistent but more prevalent is the maximum exposure of themselves.  It is the focus on their supple breasts, curvaceous rear ends, or sexual disposition.  It is rare in today’s time that we are actually shown fully covered women in the social arena and now even more so with the direction that music or the culture has ventured in to. There are many other things that play thier roles in this of type exploitation but the more obvious are those like character strength or financial conditions of the models themselves.  If he or she is in a financial bind, then going nude may not seem so outlandish. If he or she has already intended on being in that particular industry then it may not seem as exploiting at all.

If you’ve signed a contract and have agreed to certain stipulations,  then you do what you agreed to. You are bound to that contract which means you are already being compensated. Good deal.  If you are out here independently and are trying to get noticed,  posing nude may get it, in fact it will, though the perception you have given off,  not only makes you appear cheap but you also lose your  bargaining power. No one will pay you top dollars to pose nude if you’re already doing free on the Internet. This is where those things like morals, standards,  pride and self respect comes into play.  If you are not signed, remember, you are representing yourself. Learn to do so with a certain class. The goal is to sell yourself and not selling yourself out.

Constantly keep in mind that you are more than just a body to parade to the masses. Keep in mind that you are a living person with views and opinions that should bare some weight in whatever negotiations you’ve entered in. If you maintain that control, in deciding what poses to choose, choose poses that can land you bigger, more advantageous contracts. Remember that you can wear the same outfit as someone else and give it a different look than the other. There is a big difference between being sexy and being raunchy.

We know from looking at a photograph if model is promoting a product, as opposed to promoting his or her body. Sometime you’re not even in control of what photographs are being used in for the final selection.

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