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Feb 24, 2016 by Amuss - 0 Comments

What is the purpose of spending a great deal of  hard work, time, and effort writing a letter to some one,  Then after compiling this letter,  you then seal it , maybe spray with something that smells good, then you walk it down to the big blue mailbox a couple of blocks away only to drop it n there with no stamp?… that is the simplest way to show the importance of promotion. In comparison to the mail being sent, your project is that letter. should you want for that letter to be seen or read by others abroad, there must be a stamp on it. or in this case, the promotion.  Perhaps through this analogy it was easy to see the importance of promoting.

Now, let’s get a little bit into what exactly is promoting, and the different methods on what you can do to promote your next project.  First, promoting is basically getting people or listeners to know that your work is out there, know that once they get it, that they’ll get  just what you promoted to them, and then forming loyalties to your brand. 
Promoting is not cheap, and it would seem that the more you spend, then the more you can promote. Though that is not always the case. You can spend thousands of dollars promoting a hip-hop group to the wrong audience and get little to no results. as opposed to using word of mouth in an area where there is primarily hip-hop listeners and get far better results. Knowing the different methods that you can use may help you to determine which to use. If you are working with little to no budget then maybe it would be a better choice to go with -The word of mouth, -social media, or -street teams method.  should your budget be a little more to not even a concern to you, then maybe going with a promotion company and having them do the foot work may be a more adequate method for you. Either way, whatever budget we are working on you can still work whichever is best for you and your brand.

Online promoting: Starting off, It is probably in your best interest to get a social network page to promote your music on. There are many out there to choose from and I recommend using facebook, twitter.com, instagram.com, reverbnation.com, youtube.com, ustream.com, bandcamp.com or other sites like these and starting a profile. Making sure that you remember your user name and passwords. Remember, not too many people can hear your music and as long as you can keep up, or have a team that can keep up, the more the merrier. If you already have these sites or most of these sites, then starting using them to let people know what you are up to as far as your music goes. Many people visit these websites and there are many opportunities and network connections that you can obtain using these.  If your budget allows, I would take advantage of the premium services that these guys offer. A lot of them offer EPK’s, membership submissions to shows, club events, free recordings at HD studios and more with paid services.

Street promoting: Your presence in the streets or out in the market is important to promotion. The more you are being seen and talking about, showing, and letting your music be heard the better. from there you can expect people to start spreading the word about you. Unknowingly and sometimes knowingly, others become a part of your street team. On the same beat, If your budget does allow, or you have friends that stand behind you 100%, maybe you can recruit them to be your street team as they will be enjoying the benefits. Street promoting is basically promoting your music everywhere that you go. If you can’t be there, then posters, cd samples, or mp3 give aways is certainly a way of being seen or heard when you’re not around physically.

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