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Puzzle up

“Puzzle up” is a term that is used by sect music and entertainment recording artist Abdul Jabar in a few of his songs. The term is used to describe the biggest part of his Kollabahz movement and basically means to come together. That is his answer to solving a large percentage of his communities problems.

Just like a puzzle is a bunch of separated or divided pieces that were once an image, so is it with the condition of our people. Each individual contains a certain part of the image that is relevant to the completed work. In order for us to see this finished product of art, it is imperative that we come together. So, it is only right for the implementation of puzzle up to be initiated. 

Problems like the division of the community by means of financial statutes or religious denominations or beliefs. Problems like poverty, incarceration of young males, the degradation of young girls and women and many more can be solved, or alleviated at worst if we can only come together with a common goal or puzzle up.  Should we go back to how our
ancestors raised not only their children but their community, We would eliminate 1/3 of all issues holding us stagnant. We don’t even have to go back centuries to see difference, we can go back as far as 500 years. 30 to 40 years ago, there was a stronger sense of unity than what is present today. Puzzle up Is the main focus of the kollabahz movement.

How to puzzle up

There are many ways for us to begin to begin the seemingly impossible act of coming together in unity and then commence to rectifying the constantly growing problems we face in our communities, which in turn affects our nation. Needless to say, these problems are many.

I strongly believe that the most important aspect of bringing all of this together or puzzle up, is LOVE. More importantly, the love of self. Once we start to experience the love of self, we will find that loving other people becomes a piece of cake. If we understand, that we can not fight fire with fire, but fight it with water, then we will easily see that the gate that plagues our communities can not be fought with hate, but only through love.

In our current condition, self love is a difficult concept to participate in mainly because of the systematic conditioning that we have been exposed to for the last few hundred years. Certain people have made it their business to turn us against one another. Things like television and radio programming, the need broadcast, drugs. Sex, and even through music.

We have to learn how to trust one another again and pool our money together in order to start investing in our own properties to open banks, markets, schools, and homes. We are kind of practicing that now with the church tithes, only thing is, that money goes back into banks that fund the people that want to drives us out of our communities. These monies should be placed in banks of our own. When we centralize our money, we have a bigger chance of choosing who we would like to see represent us in offices of politics.

Having a political voice, someone with our best interest at heart, is the only way that we can actually have our issues heard. This means it has to be someone from among us to represent us. This is where trust comes in. If know who we are selecting then we can trust that what needs to be done shall be done.

We certainly have to re-educate and redirect the minds of the people.

A puzzle up method

It is pretty noticeable to those that are aware of what’s going on, that a large part of our issues are being facilitated by the what’s being broadcasted on our media outlets, mainly television and radio. The more fear they can spread, the more negative press that they can publish the better the odds that we will find difficulty uniting.

The largest audience of blacks to be influenced, is in the hip hop culture. The powers that be are aware of this. This is the reason why so many not so talented artists at being signed. They want the destructive content to get out to that particular audience. The more young blacks that can be corrupted now, with the messages and examples being set in hip hop , the more the effect will be felt later in time. More than likely in a negative way.


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