[Blog] Replica of Egyptian Tombs

Mar 22, 2016 by Amuss - 0 Comments


egyptian tombs photos

egyptian tombs replica bannerThe mystery behind the methods used by the ancient Egyptians in the burying of their deceased and the seeming importance of embellishing their eternal place of rest with gold and what not, a has a way of waking up a dormant piece of spirituality that may live within us, if we ever have the chance to walk through or visit them.  Fortunate for me,at a much younger age, I was able to get a small taste of what it would be like if  I were in Egypt by staying a few nights at a place called “Little Egypt” which replicated much of the ancient African monuments, pyramids, and statues of gods and goddesses. It was amazing. Even knowing that all of it is a replica, you still get this “enlightened” feeling. Now, unfortunately that place has been destroyed, and perhaps getting to enjoy that experience is lost for many of you. There are quite a few places I’m sure, that have African Museums or places of the sort so that maybe you can see what energetic experiences you get from them.

Recently, I accidentally came across this magnificent reconstruction of ancient Egypt that automatically gave me the that same enlightened experience that I had encountered decades prior with my performance and stay in little Egypt.  What is it about these Egyptian tombs  or ancient African civilization that gives us this feeling.


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