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On Smoking Weed

Smoking weed is something that many have participated in for a long time and many do it for different reasons.  Many who are creative, May find that smoking weed opens up parts of the mind not easily accessible to them and puts them into a meditative state that many refer to as their “zone”.

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Is everyone smoking weed

We are now in an age where the so called drug marijuana is at the dawn of legalization, and now even more than before, we are noticing an abundance of preteens, teenagers, adolescence children indulging in this marijuana craze. More adults have come out of hiding and have also chosen to rejoined one of their old pastime. We have seen nearly record numbers of participants who are now taking place in this reefer rejoice. If everyone isn’t smoking it, then they’re probably drinking it. Either which way, there is a considerable increase in the amount of users than there were 10 years ago. Although to answer the question, No. I don’t think everyone is smoking weed and if that were so, there wouldn’t be people fighting against its legalization.

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Some etiquette on Smoking Weed

There are a few things (more than a few really) that you should keep in mind when you’re smoking weed..especially if you’re going to be smoking weed with new people. Most people that smoke weed do it not for recreation but more like a religion, and it is taken very seriously. While sanctions may be different amongst different people the purpose of this portion of the article is to make you aware of what’s going on.

The Rotation: when you participate in smoking weed, you must be aware that passing the joint to The left is customary. Keep in mind that those who smoke expect for the joint to be passed in this manner and you could be penalized for interrupting this order.

The wet mouth: In some cases you will receive the joint and when you put it to your lips, you’ll find that the tip of is wet. That is an action heavily frowned upon by those whom you are smoking weed with.  Don’t be this person. Don’t be the the person that no one will smoke with anymore.  It is necessary for you to make sure you are not the one passing a wet tip joint.

The Roll: proper rolling of the joint or blunt is a mandatory act when smoking weed. If you are not an experienced roller, then you should probably make that known from the beginning. Do not take on the task of rolling if you know its not your thing.  If you roll a joint and the contents of it is falling out of it, then you shouldn’t be rolling. If your blunts look like an anorexic snake that ate a hydra rat, then you should be rolling.  If bandaids are needed when you roll, then you probably shouldn’t be rolling. Some will argue this one by saying something like “as long as there are two ends, its cool.” NO! , it’s not cool. If your blunts or joints are shaped like anything other than a fuselage of an airplane or something like that, then you need not to volunteer to roll.

The Sitter: You will more than likely to meet one of these smoking types if  you are a weed smoker. The sitter will literally hold the blunt, not realizing that it is still burning, while telling you the longest story in history. This is look at as disrespectful and is as well heavily frowned upon. See puff puff pass.

Fumbling: Fumbling or dropping the joint is also one of the things that you should abstain from. If you are dropping it, then it’s obvious that you are already high.

The Hoover: These good long puffing weed smokers often leave a cherry half the length of the joint they’re smoking. The idea is to pretty much sip from the joint like a straw. I’ve heard it better described as inhaling the weed smoke as a breath of air and having it become one with your breath. Don’t over do it. These guys are called Hoover’s because of their vacuum lungs.

The Cipher: often times that smoking weed occurs, it is done in what is referred to as a cipher.  The Cipher is really just another name for a circle with more of a meaningful intention. The reason for this cipher is basically to get the participants to reason with one another. Many Ideas , dreams, and inspiration comes from this congregation of mines.  Once the cipher is assembled, and the joint is lit, the ceremony has officially started and everyone should stay there until the joint is gone… people who are breaking the cipher to do other things besides that of which the cipher is intended at times are not openly welcomed to later sessions.

Puff Puff Pass: the puff puff pass rule came along at a time where paper joints were the most popular in the smoking weed circles. It was intended to get maximum usage of the joint and to ensure that all parties get right. Today, the use of tobacco blunts are more popular and the puff puff pass rule has been overlooked. The large majority of weed smokers still observe this rule and it is implemented pretty much every where. Regardless of where you are, or who you are smoking with, always remember to puff puff pass when smoking weed. Your continued smoking experiences with your circle highly depends on it.


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