[Blog] Strength In Numbers

Mar 02, 2016 by Amuss - 0 Comments


putting the pieces of the puzzle together!

Whether we realize it or not, there is a seriously growing problem in our urban communities all over this potentially peaceful world that we have come to  know as earth. Primarily through the division of social, economic, and ethnic groups people of all walks of life, for the soul purposes of control and separation between said groups. We are further driven into this separation through fear, lack of education, in effective communication and mental conditioning. This is just little lessons learned and shared among a few dedicated people throughout our lives in which we can pass to others in hopes that it will open the eyes of at least one reader and plant the seed into that mind deep enough for it to grow and blossom into a flower of humility which opens the mind to learning.  When that level of understanding is met, then can that mind begin to start feel good about bringing together or reuniting these groups in order to move forward as a race of humans.

There is an immeasurable amount of power in the unification of like minds which leads to the question… “why do they want us separated?” and even more intriguing is that fact that many of us know this and we continue to perpetuate the behavior of systematic lynching that initially brought us and is keeping us contained there.

My thing is that we’ve done the separation thing and it has not worked. unless the objective was indeed destruction. The next logical method would be to all come together in unity, open minds and hearts to provide a better environment for our children and those of tomorrow.

One Life, One Love, One God!


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