[Blog] That crazy thing called life

Feb 20, 2016 by Amuss - 0 Comments

We’ve all been given this gift, this gift of life that we should all be able to appreciate. Unfortunately, life for some is not always peaches and cream. This blog was created to add insight, awareness, and direction to those who feel they are the only ones who are going through these struggles. We know with all of the planning and preparation we can not always be ready for what life has to throw toward us, so whatever sarcastic plays she has to throw, we publish. Giving all others a chance to experience it here and get ready for it, or to offer opinions and alternative solutions. We address topics like Parenting, Love, Relationships, Religion, and other day to day topics you may encounter.. Well, perhaps if we take a spectators view of life then we’d have better equipped ourselves with the necessary tools to help us over there humps.

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