[Blog] The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree

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The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree

The fruit and the tree

from the tree What’s meant by the well known term “the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree” ? Is something that pretty much doesn’t require any explanation because it pretty much says what it is.  If you’re under an Apple tree, the fruit that’s gonna fall from the tree, is going to be an Apple. Of you are under a mango tree, you can expect for a mango to fall from its branches. We can all agree on that fact. Right?

Ok, well the same is said to be true when it comes to humans and animals. The seed we plant is going to bare a fruit and that fruit is going to be filled with genetic information that was carried within that seed to program the fruit, which will replicate the seed in a sense. Hence having many similarities to the tree.  In this phrase, the fruit is the offspring of the seed planted by The tree which is the parent or parents of the fruit.

The reason today for analyzing this phrase is because once we understand it completely, then we can focus on the negative habits that we may possess and eliminate them before we can pass them on to our unsuspecting offspring and also the chances of us being disappointed continually, is reduced tremendously. Adding to the fact that the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree, it must also be stated that [it can hit the root and roll a pretty good distance away.] We said that to say that the negative effects of this illness does not have to continue.


A Perpetual cycle

Things that we as parents don’t understand, can’t face, fear, or move past we tend to shield our offspring from. This way of parenting, I feel, only helps to perpetuate a cycle of which the child will most likely carry on to the grandchildren.

Letting our fears, or failure hinder us from teaching or letting our children learn that which we don’t understand is destructive to the future well being of the child.


From the tree: Making necessary changes.


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