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In my personal journey in the culture of hip-hop music, I have had my share, too many to count of rap groups, trios, duos, click, crews, etc… Many of these allegiances have helped me to become the artist that I am today and have also provided me with information and experiences that I am sharing with you should you be considering putting together a group or joining one.

I’ve also been around long enough to witness tons of artists who have to live with the regret of having once being a part of a group, feeling like they’d wasted so much time, and many of them have chosen to become and remain to be solo artists reserving the rights to collaborate with other artists. Which many find to be more beneficial.

Group blog photo www.sectmusic.com/indexThe group.

The concept of the group has been around since pretty much the beginning of hip-hop music. If we take a look back in the history of this genre itself, we could see that their were many crews. A lot of these crews were known for their success as being a crew. Crews or groups were chosen, selected, placed together by faith, and sometimes they never knew they were a crew and it just worked out as such. These groups or crews took in members on the basis of who shared similar interests, whose styles complimented the team’s, or who could bring a different element to the team. There was a code of ethics amongst these groups. So much so, that they had began to consider themselves family.  The primary purpose of the group was to put out more music to the masses with a similar messages coming from each member and their difference in view point. These messages were of Love, Peace, Unity and safe fun and each member of the group stayed on that initiative and represented the message in his or her own light.

Pros and Cons of the group.

There are so many ups and downs of working with or within a group of musicians. Sometimes these elements can work in the favor or the group and sometimes they can work against the focus of the group. These things should be considered if you are yourself contemplating putting together or joining a group.

Group Pros

More Opportunities

Groups that have member artists who are socially outgoing and are promoting, as any should, tend to lock in more opportunities. Connections are a lot easier to make. Groups are a lot more capable of blanketing of large areas with their material and fliers. It only makes sense. Having six or seven sometimes even more artists pushing for gigs, shows, or what have you as opposed to the single voice of a solo artist.

Broadened fan base

When groups get together, whether you’re a start up group or more established artists forming allegiances offers the potential of broadening your fan base as a whole.

Fans of your music enjoy when you make music with other artists of your caliber and are more compelled to tell more friends about you and your newly acquired achievement.

Fraction of writing

Members of groups usually find themselves writing a lot less content when working on songs. In fact you’ll find that groups more often than none have a higher rate of releases than solo atitist do. *down side being that you have less space to fully paint the intended portrait.

More concepts

The variation of concepts that are readily available to artists in groups are astonishing. Leaving the ability to release records more frequently.

Group Cons

Lack of chemistry

A rap group that lacks chemistry, almost always works against the development of that group. Aside from being able to work together on a project in the studio or I’m stage, the group has to be able to work together outside of those environments. Groups that have members with no chemistry usually fall short on longevity.

Hidden agendas

Artists, before finding themselves in a group usually have a set of goals, aspirations, and/or personal dreams that they’ve set for themselves. Often times these goals may coincide with those of the group as a whole, and if so, then cheers. On the other hand if they do not, then these dreams become obstacles as it relates to the group as a whole. Especially in the event that this artist is one who wouldn’t put aside is agendas temporarily for the greater good.

Individual Issues

When you are a part of a group or a crew, one of the things you can expect, is members having personal issues away from those that the group would ordinarily experience. Personal issues, such as illness with family members, or court dates and such that may conflict with group appearances, scheduling of studio time, or more importantly shows. Be certain that members of your group are on the same page and in constant communication with the others.

Creative differences

The more people that are a part of the group, is the amount of different creative ideas that are going to come forward. In this respect, all ideas or concepts from each artist will not always make the upcoming project and this may not sit well with the seemingly neglected artist(s). Some artists tend to be particular about the type of content that they allow on their material. Artists who are really for the greater good of the group would be able to at least make an effort to renegotiate the placement of that song for later use.

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