[Blog] Think Like a Woman, Act Like a Queen

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Think Like a Woman, Act Like a Queen.

As a man thinketh in his heart, he is…

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Or something similar to that is what is written in the pages of the scriptures. So, Wouldn’t it be the same for a woman then?   So why then would we want for the very group of people primarily responsible for raising the youth to think other than what she truly is? Yes, I said she. The women in our communities are more important than what we give them credit for and it is sad that the men in the same communities do not notice anymore. For more reasons than one.

The black woman is currently being attacked and publicly insulted in this blatantly subtle way. Why can’t she be shown to enhance or cultivate her feminine thoughts instead of being bamboozled in to thinking like her male counterpart? Especially knowing that she is more of an analytical thinker than man.

Think like a woman

No woman should have to compromise her femininity in order to appeal to a male. That is the very essence of what attracts man to woman. If she thinks like a man, it’s obvious that she will begin to act like a man.

For a woman to alter the way she thinks, and begin to think like the opposite sex, is the one of fastest ways to destroy a community and eventually, a race. This a tactic used by the “higher powers” to control and then eliminate a group. It is called reversal of the roles and it was first implemented by William “willie” Lynch to break his slaves. It’s is already being practiced on the masses of males and females through different mediums. Which can really account for a large majority of homosexuality in the United States.

Act like a Queen

No nation rises higher than it’s woman.

Even if your inspiration comes from knowing that you are the mothers of civilization or it comes from knowing that you are aware that you are his equal and opposite, you must continue to be the queen that you are…

Think like a woman

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