[Beatstore] Musez Instrumental Mixtape Vol. #1

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Musez Instrumentals mixtape

Volume #1

The musez fixtape is a compilation of instrumental tracks inspired by several people in the life of Dj Jahbarz. Each with a different feeling,  different emotions and each with a different muse in mind. Read More

[Beatstore] TUHRD – free instrumental download

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TUHRD – free instrumental download.

TUHRD – free instrumental download

The next release off of the Numbahz Fixtape free instrumental download is entitled “tuhrd” as it is the third track finished for this project.  It is also one of the more club friendly track of the entire collection of tracks. Its eerie sounding melody and Read More

[Beatstore] SEHKAN – free instrumental download

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SEHKAN – free instrumental download

SEHKAN – free instrumental download

Well, by the looks of this one, and from the explanation on the fuhst download released last week, you should be able to put two and two together to figure out this is “sehkan” or (second) release of the sect beatstore free instrumental Read More

[Beatstore] FUHST – free instrumental download

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FUHST – free instrumental download

This is the first of the 13 part project that we will be releasing this up coming year. It was called “FUHST” for that reason,  it was the “fuhst” (which is first, spoken with a virgin islanders accent). The track holds on to the signature sounds of Dj Jahbarz with a little extra. This is surely worth the time. Read More

[Kitchen Share] Turkey bacon wrapped Meatloaf

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Turkey bacon wrapped Meatloaf

Submitted by B and J Braham

Turkey bacon wrapped Meatloaf

My first impression of this meatloaf was “wow!” I was literally impressed with the appearance of it and just the idea of wrapping Turkey bacon around it was genius.  I didn’t get the opportunity to try this one, because it was revealed to me that Read More

[Recipe] Beef Pate’

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Beef Pate’

Beef Pate’: a feast in baked flour

Everyone is going to call it by a different name depending on where you are from you may have heard them referred to as “empanadas” if you are of Hispanic Read More

[Interview] 20 plus Model Questions

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20 plus Model Questions

Sect-20 plus Model Questions-photo

Model interview: getting ready


Look over the questions

These questions were put together for the followers of the kollabah models to get a better understanding of them when they hear, read, or see it. After this, they would have absolutely grown a lot closer and would have learned so much more about them.

The Questions will come in no specific order, and some of them may spark Read More

[Recipe] Cheesy Scalloped potatoes

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Cheesy Scalloped potatoes

Sect Kitchen - Cheesy Scalloped potatoes - photo

Cheesy Scalloped potatoes

She is gonna love thos one. This full of cheese baked scalloped potatoes recipe is a good one to try out…and why not? There is always potatoes laying around in the home.

This recipe can also be used with new potatoes,  red potatoes, and even sweet potatoes. It’s your kitchen.  So feel free to deviate from this recipe and add an extra handful of cheese to your dish, should you choose or even a different variety of cheeses. Read More

[Video] Grilling with David Lewis

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Grilling with David Lewis



Grilling with David Lewis:



Grilling with David Lewis:

[Recipe] Mexican Taco salad

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Sect Kitchen - Taco Salad photo

Mexican Taco Salad


I have been a Moes, Taco Bell and Mexican food fan for quite sometime now, and so much so that I figured that I could do this myself and save a fortune while ensuring that I know whats going into my meals. I often find myself asking the question… “why not make my own Mexican meals?”   I rarely get to order taco salad there and when I do, there is never enough meat. So, i decided to do my very own Taco Salad. This one has enough of everything that I enjoy, Meat, Cheese, and veggies. Read More