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All legal feat. Paperchaser and Jay Savage

SECT music and entertainment All legal feat Paperchaser and Jay Savage album art

All legal is the 2014 single recorded by the sect music entertainment artist Abdul Jabar and also features Paperchaser and Jay Savage on thos track. It is actually the first of many to come later that the three had collaborated on. The song, which almost wasn’t a song, was intended for sale in the sect music entertainment beatstore after it’s production. After a couple of listening sessions with a few hungry artists, the development of the chorus came shining through.

All legal: The concept

The concept of “All legal” is one that every hustler can relate to. It deals with getting all of the things that the game offers except for the burden of constantly looking over your shoulders because it is all being acquired in a legal manner.

All legal: Production

The track’s production has a hypnotic type of hip hop track with a melody that in the right artists hands can take many different forms. The basic hip hop drum track,


Download the “All legal” track featuring Paperchaser and Jay Savage┬áProduced by Dj Jahbarz for sectmusic

All legal feat Paperchaser and Jay Savage (192 downloads)

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