[Download] Ape Shit feat. Paperchaser|Jay Savage

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Ape Shit feat. Paperchaser|Jay Savage

Sect music - Ape shit - download art

Artist: Jay Savage, Abdul Jabar, Paperchaser Released 2013

The concept: Ape shit

Ape shit is the musical warning to wack MC’s from the sectmusic affiliates. In case there was any doubt about the versatility of the artists on this track, they all reveal a dark side that we haven’t heard much of in recent compilations prior to this track.

Ape shit taunts at some local mediocre MC’s, outright warning them not to provoke any battles, confrontations, or otherwise with artists with the potential to take things up a notch. Pretty much going from 0 to 100 quick like. They would get the opportunity to witness artist with the gift to change the world as we know it switch to being faceless individuals on guerilla type warfare.

Production: Ape shit

The production of the track was made with stimulating aggressive actions in mind. Certain instruments chosen for specific purposes and the hook, well, found its home there.

Ape shit’s up tempo production makes for a good club track. It’s racy hi hats, effected snares and multi drum selection and programming, gives ale shit a certain street element that any freestyle artist could appreciate.


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