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Goodbye: the single


Here is your opportunity to Download the Abdul Jabar single entitled “Goodbye”. Produced by Dj.Jahbarz for sectmusic. It will only be available for a limited time at no cost. Yes free! Until we figur out how to configure the website to do different.

Goodbye: the concept

The concept of goodbye Is pretty much self explanatory. There is a complete write up of the single goodbye on the link below.

Read more about “Goodbye”

Goodbye: The production

The link above gives all of the information pertaining to the single goodbye.

Check out what others are saying about “Goodbye”

Such an amazing song!!! And so well put together. I could really listen to this song all day!!!
Lynn Colyn
You always have a way with words and it does not change in your music. I had to go back through some of your versus to make sure I heard the dedication to the family.. great job with the music and chorus.
Carolyn Connelly

Yes Sir…Real and deep!!
Kal Mic
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