[Download] I just might

Sep 02, 2016 by Amuss - 0 Comments

I just might photoDownload the vello produced track “I just might” ¬†performed by sect music artist Abdul Jabar.

The hip hop verses on the trap type beat combination compliments one another and does well for the overall production of the song.

As with a vast majority of the songs recorded by Abdul Jabar ” I just might ” carries you on a journey. His conceptual choices make it easier to relate to it.

When I received the track via email from Vello, I already knew what i wanted to do it. It’s like she spoke to me

Hearing the instrumental version to I just might would have taken 85% of rappers in a totally different direction than the one chosen here on the track delivered by Abdul Jabar. The chorus, the Verses, all original and all with a hint of commercial appeal.

[Download] I just might (236 downloads)

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