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On top of meSect music entertainment- On top of me album art

On top of me

The sexually driven hip hop track performed by Abdul Jabar for sectmusic and produced by Dj Jahbarz for sectmusic entertainment is now available for exclusive download right here on www.sectmusic com. This track makes for a good club or house party song.

On top of me: the concept

The concept of “On Top of Me” comes from a guy who is going to visit his new friend girl and upon getting to her house becomes persistent about doing sexually freaky things to her that he normally would not. Knowing that many of us have a certain type of person that brings out the best in us For whatever reason. Whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally and in that, we feel an obligation to bring it out of them as well. In this song, it just happens to be physically.

On top of me: the production

Production of the track is brought to you from the mysterious mind of Dj Jahbarz for sectmusic entertainment. Who’s always set on being unique with his productions has out done himself in this one. The hip hop style track seems to have been blended with his own style to come up with what you hear for “On top of me”¬†


Download the sexually driven hip hop track by Abdul Jabar for sectmusic right here.

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