[Download] Over Everything

Nov 17, 2016 by Amuss - 0 Comments

“Over Everything” Remix feat. Paperchaser

The 2006 recording of the “money over everything” single became a hit worth mentioning on the popular www.numberonemusic.com’s website and launched Abdul Jabar up the charts, to number one to be exact, Orlando Florida in the category of Hip-hop. ¬†The track made such an impact that he decided to revisit the song, in which he was not to happy about due to the fact that it was a rough copy that was leaked and he thought could be better, He called in some reinforcements, and dropped a remix of the song. The new version of the song is called “over everything” and now features nephew Paperchaser. Although the song is recorded with the same lyrics, the intensity of it rose, ¬†giving “Over everything”a totally different feel.

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