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Put you up on it | Abdul Jabar

sect music - put you up on it - project art

Put you up on it: The concept

The idea of this song is to kind of raise the standards for young women and all women for that matter,  to demand more from who they are dating and perhaps they can teach the same ethics,  standards, or morals to their born or unborn children. At the same time let them know that there are guys out there who can still satisfy a woman in ways other than just sex. Men who can stimulate her through intellectual conversations,  and men who still treat women with respect. 

The song also challeges, or in fact,  it raises the status quo,  As the chorus suggest, for men to step it up. Men need to be reminded that there are guys out there who will give her that royal treatment and without false pretences

The song depicts the artist as the raised standard male who is giving her the game as we call it, that she requires  and also provides gifts and services for her that she could only expect from someone who is more than a friend, while only being an associate of his.

Put you up on it: The production

As with most of the track productions involving Dj Jahbarz for sectmusic entertainment,  his tracks have the hip hop elements in it, and then the twist, or the mystery of it that allows the track to accommodate other genres as well.

The track as it is used by Abdul Jabar, gives the song more of a Club feel, though you can still use that same track with another artist and come up with a totally different concept and song, and the production will still fit.

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