[Download] What they say feat. Paperchaser | Jay Savage

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What they say feat. Paperchaser | Jay Savage

Sect music download  "What they say" Art

What they say”  is the single recorded by Abdul Jabar for sectmusic and features his young nephew Paperchaser and cousin Jay Savage. The track was produced by Dj Jahbarz for sectmusic entertainment.


What they say: The concept

The concept of the single spins around the idea that nothing that any one says about you should stop you from doing what it is that you are supposed to be doing. In fact, the fact that you have people talking about you, should really be a motivating factor and not a thing to be thrown off about.

In everything that you do, you should expect some sort of adversity or certain groups of people going against the grain for many reasons whatsoever. You should actually be honored to have opposition or contrasting opinions because it allows you to see or observe things that you would not ordinarily consider in construction of your plans.

What they say: The production

The production of the track was completed in 2 days.  It is one with a slow tempo, allowing for verses that are rapid or talked through. heavy bass tracks and crazy high hats for a gutter feel and The melody puts you in a West coast type of feel. The total production of the track would rate an easy 7 on a 1-10 scale and accompanied by got verses, a perfect hip hop track.

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What they say: feat. Paperchaser and Jay Savage (170 downloads)

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