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You Believe in


You believe in: The song

the Abdul Jabar single “you still believe” was released in 2012. The track is produced by Dj Jahbarz for sect music entertainment. It is one of those tracks that allows you to see the more conscious and powerful side of Abdul Jabar.

The overall feel of the song is that of the early 90’s hip hop era and it’s a timeless piece that can be appreciated in these days and times. The song will put you into a thinking mindset and you will easily agree that this song is definitely a point for hip hop and the state that it’s in.

You believe in: The concept

The concept stems off of one of the ideas that Abdul Jabar hold on to. These are a few of the paradigms that are the foundation of S.E.C.T. music and entertainment.   That idea basically says that as long as there are two or more people, entities,  individuals or what have you, besides me, that feel like it is never too late to offer our help to our people and communities then there is a chance to reverse some of the effects already caused to it by whatever outside factors.

He stands firm on giving back to what we have helped to destroy. According to him, It is imperative for us to do so if we wish to advance as a unit.

You believe in: The Production

The track’s production contains a piece of sample or sound byte to be exact of an early Isley brothers record. This is something rarely done by producer Dj Jahbarz, who prides himself on originality.  At least until the production of this track. You believe in was produced to be a simple track to where focus on the lyrics would be in obstructed.

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