[Download] Paint.Net (Free!)

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[Downloads] Paint.Net

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Many of our Photo’s on the sect music and entertainment website we have had to pay or exchange favors for others with the skill set in photo editing to get the desired results in which we were seeking. on the other hand, we’ve had plenty of last minute or urgent art work or graphic design and not enough time to hire someone and have had to search for a great program to use that would accommodate our needs…needless to say we came up with this one “paint.net” and I must warn you, it’s a lot more than painting. The program I find is very comparable in features to some of the other photo editing programs out there.
Paint.net also comes with, or should I say, you have the option to download an assortment of different plug-ins and so forth to take your next visual project to that next level.

If you are one of the many independent artists out there who likes to Do It Yourself and you take the hands on approach, then this is certainly for you. Very easy to learn photo editing program comparable to Photoshop and all the other expensive software for editing. Best of all, this one is absolutely free. Enjoy all of the benefits that you would get from a professional editing software free. Best of all, all of the tutorials for anything you would like to try is on youtube.com for your convenience. We have found, for our needs that it was not necessary to download the plug-in packs because just as it is, paint.net was sufficient for our needs. Needless to say though, it is an addition that you would absolutely want to have if you are going to download the software.


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[Download] Paint(dot)net Free (35 downloads)

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