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Mar 25, 2016 by Amuss - 0 Comments

sensually spoken picIf you were not there, you may have missed one of the chillest night’s in in Orlando night life entertainment. This night of spoken word was most remembered by the quality of the guests and not so much the quantity.
old friends gathered, family reacquainted and many good times were made. The night was set in a romantic, cool ambiance that complimented the quality of the mellow crowd perfectly. Dj Jah-Fyah keep the mood ignited playing relevant music through out the course of the event, and people danced in enjoyment. They dove in to the catered fine Island food, drank rum and beers and were all quite entertained. The performers of the sensually spoken show for the night included a very talented group of artists who conveyed their own pieces brilliantly and individually. These artists did their thing: Sergio, Dylan, and  Bo Ellis  Marquee performance by the seamstress of thought and word: Spoken word Empress Ice B.

Presented by: Phat Karat Promo

Music by: Jah Fyah

photo’s of one of the greatest nights in Orlando, Fl  spoken word poetry.


[Download] Sensually Spoken photos (36 downloads)

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