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The key to solving most of our problems lies in knowing what to do and when to do it and more importantly how…, if we do not know where to look for information necessary to perform the task, then surely we will never know and you don’t want to be riding on the word of hearsay when the information is totally available to anyone willing to look for it. Reading is one of the best ways to acquire the knowledge we need to accomplish a lot of things in our lives. The SECT music and entertainment book store is filled with lots of recommended books on different subject matters and ideas that we are currently expanding on a regular basis .

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The product store originally started off as way of offering sect music and entertainment merchandise such as t-shirts, singles, posters, mugs… etc. We have recently expanded into all ranges of other items and products from  .


[Video] picking out a switch

switches and switch picking. If you are over the age of 36 you are very familiar with what a switch is. That is the last set of offspring coming from parents who exercise the discipline of their children with the use of it. Now the rest of you, will know by the end of this post.  

What a switch is...

a switch is a disciplinary device taken from the green branches of a young tree. The outer bark or skin is removed from the green branch and then it is used to get some straightening.  The intensity of impact is measured by swish sound it emits when swung. See attached video of switch picking for example of that swishing sound.

switch picking...

In most cases the child that's about to get the disciplinary action exercised upon is usually the one who has to bare the emotional distress of picking the switch that is gonna welt marks ...

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[Blog] kids are strange as...

My kids are the strangest of strange So, it's been a while since my son and I have been able to hang out on our usual Sunday (son_day) being that he's been out of the country, enjoying the beautiful beaches of the Bahamas for most of the summer. Well, upon his return, he has made it his business to spend some very well missed quality time with me and is not taking "No" or "later" for an answer. So, after rearranging a few things to free up for this "NOW" time, I planned a few things special things for us to do. We started off by visiting a few family members, took a trip to the park  and grabbed a bite to eat at a local burger joint where we spoke about his progress in school his goals for the month and a few other things. Perhaps putting too much on him ...

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Recommended Destination

Sect travel st thomas promo
Our travel destination for the month is none other than the United States Virgin Islands. St. Thomas to be exact. Learn more about this gorgeous island and its rich culture and historical marks than just reading about it. Book your reservations now, you don’teven need a passport.


[Travel] Fredericksted, St. Croix USVI

Fredericksted, St. Croix USVI

This journey to St Croix United States Virgin Islands was one that we decided to make a personally historic one. Being that we spent a Lot of our childhood days there. In this trip we visited family and friends and all of the places where we lived in the past. That being said,  Fredericksted on the west side of the island is where we spent most of our time.  Starting off from Smithfield,  we made our way to the beach to do some spiritual cleansing, sight seeing,  swimming and without a doubt,  relax. During the week that we spent there, it wa hard not to notice the character of the buildings that remained standing after the numerous hits that they've tken from the hurricanes of the last 20 years. We were able to visit a few of the local restaurants in the island to get a taste of some carribean cuisines. ...

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[Travel] Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel,  Mexico

Walking through Cozumel
Where's the tequila?
  See the video "truth about tequila"  
La playa (the beach)
Touring the city
  See more on travel 

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[Travel] Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Dunn' s  River Rapids
This place is a water park like no other. The raging river rapids is an adventure that you would never forget.  The combination of adventure, danger, and excitement makes you forget that you are actually in a park. The rocks are sharp and slippery, the water warm and inviting, and the people were out of this world friendly. Not to mention they have little bars set up along the entrance of the attraction and needless to say I was intoxicated and half ready for the excursion.  Hand in hand, in male- female order from the bottom of the rapids and all the way to the top where you celebrated with your partners, took pictures and enjoy the rest of the scene that they had to offer.
Play music with the locals
One thing that Jamaica is known for is it's music. Reggae music has been a comfort ...

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[Travel] Grand Cayman

A day on the Grand Cayman.
The day on the Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, is one worth remembering. The day started out around 11 am and our first stop was "Margaritaville". We all enjoyed cocktails and appetizers along with some great island music that made it difficult to not get up and dance. The crowd was a very festive one and they all showed their festive sides as they hooped and hollered the whole time enjoying the environment.  We went to a local restaurant where they served seafood as well as many of the islands local dishes and indulged in some nicely seasoned local fish under the shade of the town center structure. One that halfway resembled Stonehenge in a way.   At around 3pm decided that walking around the island was a little tiring and ended up on the island tours can full and tipsy.
Swimming with stingrays.
So,  we are on this ...

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[Travel] Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

What's to see in Gatlinburg?
Your probably wondering what in the world could be interesting to do in Gatlinburg, well, youd be very surprised. It is not just home of year round snow and winter activities, bumper cars, and bikers. It also happens to be the Tennessee side of the great Smokey mountains. That was our primary reason for going though definitely not out only one.  We wanted to see SNOW. Though unfortunately for us, at that time of the year there was none in sight. We literally had to go into downtown Gatlinburg where man made snow was their forte.  The kids were definitely happy about that discovery. So, skiing and snow tubing it was until tired of snow they were. We spent hours at a bumper cars track taking turns watching the kids that couldn't ride and burning rubber around the largest set of tracks in the area. It ...

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[Travel] Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina

The other side of the Smokey mountains
   As much as we wanted to see snow the year before, we were disappointed partially about our Winter Vacation on the other side of the Smokey's, and decided to better plan this vacation. We chose a time of year that we knew there would be snow or at least remnants of it.  The earlier part of the year just seemed to be that time for it. We were all excited after booking this trip. Eager to see the snow covered mountains and enjoy in all of the fun that came with that. 

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