[Essentials] Management

Feb 29, 2016 by Amuss - 0 Comments

Once you begin to look at yourself as business, and your craft as the inventory in this  business, then you will also realize that it one that has to be managed.  In many cases, the artists will be consumed in his/her work to the extent that there is minimal  time to focus effectively on the management aspect of the industry, so it almost  becomes practical to appoint or hire one to take care of these elements.

The roles of management is not one that you should trust to just anyone.  In your research in choosing a manager, you will find that there are different types and different roles that these types may play.  there are managers who specialize in different aspects of the industry.  You may have or need a Business Manager (to run your day to day affairs), or a Road Manager ( if you are already touring), or even a Booking Manager or agent that handles the scheduling of shows. In any event, these need to be people with your best interest in mind. they have to want what you want for you and your work, and most importantly, You have to know them. Research them, find out their qualifications, or even better, their track records. If you’ve appointed a friend or family member, be certain that they are doing all they can to educate themselves on the position that they’ve accepted.

Don’t be afraid or negligent about re-appointing management to support progression within your organization.  If you are able to predict conflict early, or you are not seeing the results you were expecting in a reasonable amount of time, Then re-structuring is in order. Remember, this is a business and not personal. There may be need to get rid of your bff and hire someone with more experience. Then maybe appoint your friend to Party Manager, if you’re into that.

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