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Why independent artists should be networking

There is a very great Importance of  Networking between local artists that can not be stressed enough or over stated and or over-exaggerated. You have probably heard the early bird cliche’, and getting to it, so on and so forth, well those opportunities comes from connections we have encountered in our lives by how ever method that we have connected with them. It is so important that we as independent artists should use as much time out of our daily life to go out networking. However, there are way too many Independent artists, especially on the local industry that are not networking enough these days, cutting themselves off of possibilities. plain and simple, it’s a necessity if you would like to be successful on  the local level, which is more than likely where we begin, unless your a military brat.     

Abdul Jabar - Vello networking at local independent artists nighclub

Independent artists that are networking do better.

Whether for reasons of thinking you have become bigger than those who would like to network or collaborate with you,  or maybe for some personal feelings what have you.  Do not make yourself an artist that cuts his/her self out of a network that’s beneficial to you. Do not be the guy that is not available for a life changing opportunity because of something petty.  If you are in the habit of doing so, then maybe you are unaware as to how many resources you may gather or opportunities that you can open yourself up to during your networking activities. Important things such as promotions are easier when you belong or are involved in some sort of a networking team. Your management staff and those who are in your entourage should be involved in some types of networking campaign for you ad your brand even if it is not of your genre. You never know when you’d need the resources that each other may the access to.



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