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SECT Music FAQ’s (frequently asked questions)

We are constantly addressing the frequently asked questions relating to www.sectmusic.com, Kollabahz network, and the SECT Beatstore. No question is a stupid one, though think about them before asking and Please make certain that your question has not been answered prior to presenting the same one as to save you some time.



What is an Exclusive beat?

Exclusive beats are the one’s in which you have rights to do whatever with. You are getting the exclusive license to be the sole user of this track. You will receive the stems or “track outs” to this track and it will also no longer be for sale.

How do I help promote you guys?

Helping us promote is fairly simple. First you should subscribe to the kollabahz street team by following this link. After you have done so, we will send promotional items via e-mail with specific instructions on promoting.