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D RawThis talented, young Apopka, Florida native who goes by the name D-Raw, has certainly earned his spot as the sect music featured artist of the month. In an area where the popularity of “trap music” has pretty much drowned out creativity and lyricism, D-Raw has maintained the roots of Hip-hop and has the potential to bring back the seemingly lost art back to the forefront of this game. His many musical skills can put him in great demand for features on the projects of artists of different styles. His versatility with his rap style will have you questioning who it is? when in fact it’s just one of his many styles. His hooks and choruses are written like an artist who grew up in the 90’s. definitely an attribute missing from today’s rap game.

Coming from a Trinidadian background and spending a lot of time in and around family members from New York has apparently had a great impact on his east coast ” Up North” musical side and also being accompanied with his southern upbringing,  gives him the other side of the game, and the rights to even be lyrical on trap music.

Despite the many songs that he has that you could fall for, my personal favorite would have to be the one that he calls “Bottles”.  This song is one in which you’d have to rewind  over and over for different reasons. Whether the catchy hook, the track selection, or the barrage of lyrics that he’s laid on the track. D, is definitely RAW.

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DARRYL November 29th, 2016

Listen to Bottles – D Raw O Kool-Laid X Nova by D Raw O Kool-Laiid #np on #SoundCloud

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