[Featured Artist] Travis Redmond

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[Featured Artist] Travis Redmond


sect featured artist Travis Redmond

Our choice for sect music featured artist this time around is an epic first for us at sect music entertainment, for this is going to be the first artist to be chosen as featured artist, in the genre of gospel music. Although it is classified or considered to be gospel music, Travis Speaks is enjoyed by music fans of other genres such as hip hop, r&b, soul, and hardcore hip hop listeners as well. Mainly because the concepts of the songs that he uses on his album are songs of over coming trials, tribulations, dealing with pain, and most importantly, A higher power, all topics that we can relate to in one way or another.

Travis first appeared on a hip hop track with the group “Headrush” in 1998 and from then was musically silent until the latter half of the year 2000 where he released his solo album “Travis Speaks”. ┬áHe then went on to release the follow up to his freshman album “Travis Speaks again” and then again for the newest release of Travis Speaks 3: look up. All three albums were successful in the sense of what his goals for the album were, which was to spread the love of God through his testimonials. That he did brilliantly.

Not only is he an artist that brings to you his life on records, but also one who practices what he preaches. He is the type of guy that would give you his last if you asked for it. The type of guy who walks strong in what he believes and those who know him respect him for that. So much so that if you are someone with a vulgar mouth, then you would refrain from using profanity. Being around his light makes you want to turn yours up.

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In Travis’ words

This music was given to me by God to provide hope, encouragement and inspiration to the world. As a minister it is my mission to spread God’s word to all people. When you listen to this CD it will not only give you my testimony, but tell you what God can do in your life. In this time we live in now we need hope, God has given me a message of hope.

Travis Speaks

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