[Blog] Abdul Jabar: Music is not what I do…

Feb 13, 2016 by Amuss - 0 Comments

It is who I am, day in day out. it is what I awake and doze off to.

After Days of recording, mixing, producing, arranging, listening, and repeating the process over and over through out the course of the week, I thought this was a great time to finally get some work in. If that made sense to you, then it is probably because you view this music life as I do, a life of music. What we do in the quest to get this music heard, is not work. It is our mission, our purpose and It is our lives work being put on to tracks that We put our hearts in.  This is not something that We chose to do, but something that chose Us.

cover_1As a young child I remembered putting boom boxes one in front of the other, one on play, one on record while my sister and I rapped verses that we wrote over songs.  I remember my father bringing me a copy of our families CD. My Maternal Grandfather and Uncles bringing a new genre of music the Virgin Islands. The Islands where I was born celebrates everything with talented musicians that perform live. This is not something that I chose. It is in me.  I get a lot of people that know me personally that continue to ask if I’m still into this [music]. Every time I am asked that question,

the answer I give them is always the same, This is what I do!

I am not to be mistaken for one of the “Hokey Pokey” one foot in,  one foot out,   type. If you and I are discussing something, more than likely we are having a discussion about the same type of  concepts or things I would speak of in my songs.

I express to you, over sounds that I put together, what I know to be true.  So you are going to get from me in my music like you get it from me in life, because it is all one.

I can’t begin to tell you how many groups, teams, squads, trios, duos, or networks that I’ve been in through out my life, but I can almost be certain that 90% of them, probably has out grown it for whatever reason. I’m still here…


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