[Jump on it] Headed there

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headed there art

headed there

This track is one of many of the future releases from the sect music camp that’s up for feature opportunities we call “Jump on it”

headed there: the concept.

About a year and a half ago the question of where we were headed as people came to me along with what constructed factors were weighing down on us that make it difficult for us as a people to advance.  Things like access to an abundant amount of drugs whether for use or for sale, access to military type assault rifles and hand guns, and an unfavorable ratio of harsh sentences in prison cells.  The degradation of the woman, which is the most necessary key for progression as a nation and so forth. So much so that some had began to accept these constructed destruction as normal to a sense that we’d come up with ways to work with it or around it and not only adapted to it but  have continued to perpetuate the system while at the same time teaching a younger generation the same miseducation…  We have made more moves as a people, have progressed more in the first 50 to 100 years after slavery than we have counting from today and going back 200 to 300 years.

With those elements being in mind and other things as well we were able to come up with a hook/chorus back then,  that we felt pertinent to the things going today, and decided to put it out there.  The concept and track marriage required for this creative mind to reach deeper into his  more conscious mind to come up with verses relevant for this track.

headed there: the production.

The production will be more or less similar to what you hear on the track. There will be additions of drops, and effects through out and possibly a new complimenting bass line. This track was produced by D.O.T.B. for sect music and entertainment.


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