[Jump on it] Moving that weight

Jun 18, 2016 by Amuss - 0 Comments

moving that weight


moving that weight

Just dropped another “jump on it” project for pro-player artists to collaborate on. This track we’ve decided to call “moving that weight” and for good reason. It is produced by Dj Jahbarz|for sect music. This track is an uptempo track

moving that weight: the concept.

The concept of the song is one with a twist. The first time you hear the song, it may give the impression of someone living the lifestyle of a drug dealer, or a drug transporter (mule) or the like. Although listening to it,
you’ll quickly realize that the song is actually talking about the everyday life of drivers hauling weight on the highway for a moving or logistics company. Terms that can be used in either business was used intentionally to inhibit that desired thought…

moving that weight: the production.

The production will be more or less similar to what you hear on the track with exception to some drops, effects, and or percussion that we feel fit the verses.  Just a simple track as not to drown out the verses which are to carry the song.

Listen to “ Moving that weight

The instrumental for this track will be available for purchase in the sect beatstore

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