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If you got a hot verse you’d like to showcase on one of these tracks, we’d like to see what you got. So send us your high quality,  a Capella wave files.  we’ll feature it on our featured artist section, if your selected, you’re on just like that. If you hear a track on the site that you dig, get it and “jump on it” from the comfort of your lab then, upload it here.
We will do the rest! If you prefer to do your own thing on a track that you hear, and the track is available for purchase,  you may do so at the sect music beatstore.

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[Jump on it] Living for the weekend mixtape: volume one

Living for the weekend invite This is the official invitation for collaborations on the new mixtape called living for the weekend in the works now. We are currently working on the beat selections for this project and will begin the targeted invites at that time.  Any producers who wish to submit tracks for this mixtape are encouraged to do so by clicking here. Living for the weekend concept: The concept of the project will center around things done on the weekend, or how we prepare for the weekend. Mind you, every artist is going to have a different angle on this. Just keep in ...

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[Jump on it] Headed there

headed there This track is one of many of the future releases from the sect music camp that's up for feature opportunities we call "Jump on it" headed there: the concept. About a year and a half ago the question of where we were headed as people came to me along with what constructed factors were weighing down on us that make it difficult for us as a people to advance.  Things like access to an abundant amount of drugs whether for use or for sale, access to military type assault rifles and hand guns, and an unfavorable ratio of harsh sentences in prison ...

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[Beatstore] SEHKAN - free instrumental download

SEHKAN - free instrumental download SEHKAN - free instrumental download Well, by the looks of this one, and from the explanation on the fuhst download released last week, you should be able to put two and two together to figure out this is "sehkan" or (second) release of the sect beatstore free instrumental download of which there are much more of to come in the future. SEHKAN - free instrumental download: The production The production is none different than you'd expect from Dj Jahbarz. It is a Bass filled track, with nice levels of highs and mids. the snare game is there as you'd ...

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[Jump on it] Moving that weight

  moving that weight Just dropped another "jump on it" project for pro-player artists to collaborate on. This track we've decided to call "moving that weight" and for good reason. It is produced by Dj Jahbarz|for sect music. This track is an uptempo track moving that weight: the concept. The concept of the song is one with a twist. The first time you hear the song, it may give the impression of someone living the lifestyle of a drug dealer, or a drug transporter (mule) or the like. Although listening to it, you'll quickly realize that the song is actually talking about the everyday life of ...

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[Beatstore] FUHST - free instrumental download

FUHST - free instrumental download This is the first of the 13 part project that we will be releasing this up coming year. It was called "FUHST" for that reason,  it was the "fuhst" (which is first, spoken with a virgin islanders accent). The track holds on to the signature sounds of Dj Jahbarz with a little extra. This is surely worth the time. FUHST - free instrumental download: The Production This one is a great track for a storyline. It's 808 drums are pretty much standard to that of early Hip Hop with a mysterious combination of sounds that only Dj Jahbarz ...

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[Jump on it] I just do me

This is one of the JUMP ON IT  joints that I am currently working on. It's called "I just do me( I een eemn tired). The Concept: pretty much as the title says, doing me. Expressing myself, good or bad, through these tracks. Why? Because its who I be. When I reach that finish line, or time runs out, is when I done.   Been doing it longer than I can remember, and I een eemn tired. The Production: will be pretty similar to what you hear on the track with exception to the replacement of the sound bank and there will be ...

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[Jump on it] label me a menace

Currently working on this track...  "label me a menace".  We are getting a few pitches from a couple artists right now, 2 that we would like to hear on it. Concept: If you have had a past, you can relate to this one.  Always being at your best behavior. You know, trying to not do the wrong for the right reasons?... Because inside of your mind,  you know that you've changed but the people that are reading this label that we've been duped into signing up for, only see it for what it is. "doesn't matter if we drinking gin or drinking ...

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[Beatstore] Musez Instrumental Mixtape Vol. #1

Musez Instrumentals mixtape Volume #1 Musez Instrumentals mixtape The musez fixtape is a compilation of instrumental tracks inspired by several people in the life of Dj Jahbarz. Each with a different feeling,  different emotions and each with a different muse in mind. So it doesn't make a difference if you are a hip hop artist,  if you are a poet, do spoken word, vocalist or even a dancer, there will be something on this album for you to take pleasure in. Musez will be available on the sect music beatstore both as a compilation or individually as single downloads. Track listing for Musez Intimacy Broken Boomerangs Apologies   Go to beatstore

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[Sect Kitchen] Quick Fix Breakfast: Eggs, Pancakes, and Turkey Bacon

[Sect Kitchen] Quick Fix Breakfast: Eggs, Pancakes, and Turkey Bacon Mornings do not have to be overwhelming when it comes to having a good breakfast. This quick fix of turkey bacon,  scrambled eggs, and mini pancakes have saved my mornings on plenty of occasions. Not to mention this is something that you can enjoy at any time of the day.

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